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"We have teamed up to create a path to ownershipjust for you."
Rent-2-Own Program
FREE Credit Repair
Four months of free credit repair. Reliant Credit Repair will work directly with you to assist in improving your credit profile.* 
Lyft Your Down Payment
Drive for Lyft to earn income and use 50% or more of your monthly rental towards your down payment.
Path to Ownership
This program will help drivers create a "Path to Ownership" to purchase a vehicle at Sansone Jr.
Insurance Included
HyreCar provides fully comprehensive rideshare insurance throughout the duration of your rental.
Wide Vehicle Selection
Gain instant access to hundreds of vehicles to choose from that you wish to own.
Multiple Locations
Currently available at Sansone Jr’s 66 Automall in Keyport, Neptune, and Windsor, NJ.

This is what our customers have said about Rent-2 Own
Don't take our word, see our testimonials
Rent 2 Own really worked for me. I originally came here with not the best of credit.
Since then I’ve bought 3 cars from Sansone. 
 It really worked for me. 

How to Get Started with HyreCar
Submit Applications
Sign up and apply to join the program. It's an easy and fast process.
Log into Your Account
After completing your applications online, simply login to your account. 
Call Sansone Jr's Specialist
Call 866-RENT-2-OWN and one of the dedicated Sansone Jr. specialists will review inventory availability & terms on the vehicle you have chosen.

Reserve Car
After completion of terms, car will be listed on HyreCar platform for you to reserve.
Path to Ownership...
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*Additional 2 months of credit repair for $99
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