What is Rent2Own?

  • While the word “RENT” may sound FUNNY, it means SERIOUS SAVINGS and ASSISTANCE for those who never thought they could own or even drive a vehicle of their own.
  • Rent2Own cars are vehicles that:
    • You “Rent” for an agreed upon amount of time
    • Make monthly payments on
    • After 3-6 months, most of your rental payments go towards a down payment on that vehicle so you can purchase it

Here’s How Rent2Own Works:

  • Select Vehicle
    • Pick the Vehicle You Want!
  • Upfront Explanation
    • We Will Go Through all Your Payments, Length of Time You Will Make Payments, etc.
    • There Will Be NO SURPRISES in Your Path to Owning Your Vehicle.
  • Rent Your Vehicle
    • Sansone Jr will “Rent” Your Vehicle to You.
    • All This Really Means is that You can Get Approved to Drive When You Couldn’t Normally Buy or Finance a Vehicle at a Typical Dealership.
    • You Can Still Do Anything and Go Anywhere You Would if You Owned Your Vehicle.
  • Monthly Payments
    • Make Affordable Monthly Payments.
    • When you complete your program, a significant portion of your payment will be applied as your down payment for your purchase!
  • Build / Increase Your Credit Score
    • Most of our customers have their credit scores increase as they make their monthly payments.
    • We will Assign You a Credit Building Specialist to Assist with Removing Any Derogatory Marks on Your Credit Report / History.
  • Switching to Ownership
    • Once Your Credit Score and Record Has Improved Through Our Program, We Will Apply a SIGNIFICANT Portion of Your Rental Payments Towards You Purchasing the Vehicle at an Attractive / Low Finance Rate!
  • You Own Your Vehicle!
    • Your Rent2Own Experience is Completed!

Paul Sansone Jr developed the Rent2Own program after the 2008 crash / recession, to help people with Less-Than-Perfect Credit, get safe and reliable vehicle. Mr. Sansone Jr. was able to do this by “Renting” vehicles to customers who couldn’t qualify for “Tradition Auto Financing.”

We know that a credit score only tells a small part of a bigger story. Because most people have less than ideal credit, our Rent2Own program is able to help people get the vehicle they need, based on things OTHER THAN their credit score alone!